I'm not one for confusion so I'll tell you how it is without the jargon to add to your frustration.


With my ethics, you can trust that I'm not going to over charge you for any work completed.


I'll schedule you in for an appointment as soon as possible and I'll arrive on time as arranged.

Picturesque Lakes Entrance

Welcome and thanks for stopping by.
Based in Victoria's picturesque Lakes Entrance, Lakes Computer Services is an onsite computer repairer specialising in the servicing of private computers and home / small business computer systems.
I have structured our hourly based service rates to keep them at a competitively low price as I don't believe in charging outrageous prices to repair what is a necessicty in today's tech world.
Here's just some of the reasons why I can help you:


Hit a winner with a local PC doctor - "We're your local onsite computer repair service"