Services Offered

Lakes Computer Services provides onsite computer servicing and repairs. A minimum of 1 hour labour applies to all jobs (parts extra) which allows for me to diagnose what the likely cause of the problem is. After this initial diagnosis, I am then in a much better position to give you a more accurate, but not always exact, idea of the final costs.

In the event of a more lengthy repair (i.e. virus removal, Windows repairs, etc.), where you may be unavailable for the duration of the repair, some allowances can be made at an additional charge where I can bring the computer back to the workshop to complete the repair & return it to you at a convenient time for both parties.

Our service charges are as follows:

Furthermore, if parts are needed and I don't have them available at the time of the onsite repair, the timer stops until I have returned with the parts to fit them. At that point, I resume the timer as though it were all done at the same time as the initial visit. That way you don't pay just because I am unable to supply the parts right away. I think that's the fairest approach ;).


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